Mini Ma'amoul Soap Senteurs d'Orient - La Flora Sagrada

Mini Ma'amoul Soap

Senteurs d'Orient

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Mini Version of the Ma'amoul Soap, 40g each


Native to the Middle East and South Asia, pure Almond oil is infused into crushed raw oat grain and wheat, creating an exfoliant with sensually addictive bittersweet notes. 


Revered across the Middle East for its rich and luxurious palette, Amber’s seductive notes of musk and wood evoke the majesty of the Orient.


An ode to the Cedar of Lebanon, symbol of the country, this spiritual scent rejuvenates the mind with a fragrance recalling the serenity and splendor of nature.


Legendary and immortal, Honey conveys a deliciously comforting aroma distinguished by sweet chords of fragrance.


Among all the legendary Jasmine flowers on the Mediterranean coast, the Jasmine of Arabia imparts the most exquisite and sublimely soothing scent.


The symbol of Grasse and the sun-drenched Mediterranean landscape, Lavender instantly soothes and calms with floral notes of tender sweetness and woody freshness.


Infusing the fresh Mediterranean air with soft sensuality, Orange Blossoms uplift the spirit with a clean and floral yet woodsy perfume.


First cultivated in East Asia, Oriental Gardenia enchants the senses with an irresistible symphony of creamy white petals, crisp green leaves and luscious stems.


A voluptuous bouquet embodying the essence of femininity, the Rose of Damascus is at once fresh and stimulating, graceful and elegant.


An homage to the delicate perfume of white tea blossoms, Tea Flower exalts the spirit and senses with its subtle melange of floral fragrance and essential oil of Tea Tree.


Celebrated throughout the Middle East, the mysteriously nocturnal Tuberose, "Queen of the Night”, entices with a warm and sensuous fragrance.