La Flora Sagrada, the sacred plant life, is the name and essence of this online store and botanical beauty brand, created by certified aromatherapist Shari Vajda.

 The La Flora Sagrada in-house line was designed to nourish body and soul, bring beauty and radiance to skin and spirit. Loving to work with fragrant flowers, herbal infusions, precious essential oils and absolutes, Shari carefully selects each ingredient for its healing properties and its alluring scent, passionate about finding that perfect blend to take you on an olfactory journey and bring holistic healing. La Flora Sagrada skincare products will transport you to gardens of blooming jasmine and bouquets of wild roses, mornings scented of freshly baked vanilla cookies, an orange grove you remember from traveling the Mediterranean, magical places and memories. 

The production in micro-batches ensures highest potency, ultra freshness, and the possibility to work without synthetic preservatives. All blends are made with organic and wildcrafted ingredients, are free of colorants, parabens, petroleum, synthetic fillers or fragrances. Shari's formulas are elegantly simple yet highly potent, harnessing the healing power of plants and bridging ancient wisdom of aromatherapy into modern-day skincare needs. Due to her own sensitive skin, Shari's plant remedies are always non-comedogenic and suitable for all skin types.

 All La Flora Sagrada potions are hand blended and bottled in Shari's Zurich based studio. Each product (with the exception of Floret for aesthetic reasons) is filled in a Miron Violetglass container to preserve its natural goodness, labeled and packaged with recycled paper to match Shari’s vision of sustainability fusing with style. 

 The handcrafted holistic skincare collection is completed by a curated edit of travel finds, objects for the home and apothecary essentials from favorite independent artisans.