Eternal Flower Water

SFr. 35

Immortelle – the golden flower of eternal beauty.

Steam distilled from the everlasting yellow helichrysum flowers, this exceptional hydrosol is coveted for its unique ability to heal both emotional trauma and compromised skin. Enhanced with colloidal silver for its potent anti-inflammatory and restorative properties, our beautiful floral water will soothe irritated skin, revive a dull complexion and open your heart.

Scent: herbaceous, honey-like, smokey and sweet

Ritual: Mist over face and neck morning and evening or whenever you need a boost of comfort. Re-apply to inflamed and damaged skin as often as desired.

Result: Regenerated skin. Balanced root chakra.


Ingredients: Organic Immortelle (helichrysum italicum) distillate, Colloidal Silver


Distilled in Switzerland

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