Anima Mundi

Mushroom Mocha Milk - Organic & Vegan Adaptogenic Creamer

SFr. 48

The perfect combination of heirloom cacao, delicious coconut cream powder along with our favorite 7 mushrooms. Basically an instant creamer that you can add to anything to bump up the medicinal effects of the adaptogens into an exquisite frothy drink. And the naturally occurring oil in coconut can nourish our gut, our skin, our brain, and beyond!

Use: Add it to emulsify, thicken, and cream up your favorite warm or chilled milk beverage - coffee, cacao, chai, ice cream, power balls, and even savory sauces! Sky’s the limit! Easy and healthy add on to just about anything. This product does not contain any sugar.

Ingredients: Anima Mundi’s Coconut Cream Powder***, Heirloom Cacao, 7 Mushroom blend: Reishi, Chaga, Cordyceps, Lions Mane, Agaricus, Shiitake, Maiitake

*All organic US grown Mushrooms with the exception of Chaga being ethically wildcrafted in WA state.

**organic coconut meat, 1.5% organic acacia bark powder, 1.5% tapioca based maltodextrin

Vegan, non GMO, Kosher, no fillers

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