Gua Sha

SFr. 60

Rejuvenate and redirect energy flow with the beautifying self-care ritual of gua sha. It combats dark circles, puffy eyes, wrinkles, boosts collagen and defines the jawlines. Stagnant energy is broken down, reducing inflammation, increasing blood flow and stimulating the lymphatic system to promote healing. 

 How to Gua Sha:

Agate (Red Stone) has a soothing and grounding properties that will help you get re-centered and manifest your goals - an encouraging energy that will help you live to your fullest potential.

Rhodonite (Pink Stone) is a powerful healing stone and helps to look on the bright side of life even in times of stress and trauma. It helps clear away old patterns, transform negative emotions like fear into understanding and wellbeing. It makes your heart grow, uncovers true passions and guides your spirit to infinite possibilities.

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