Alwana Entourage Full-Spectrum Cannabis Oil - 10% CBD

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10% CBD - 10ml dropper bottle with 1000mg CBD

Potential benefits of CBD oil include help with chronic pain, anxiety, depression, ptsd, psychosis, loss of appetite, nausea, inflammation, cramps, nervous diseases, high blood sugar, psioriasis, cancer (inhibition of cell growth) and insomnia 

  • Contains 10% CBD (THC >0.2%) in relation to the total contents of the bottle (10ml) – 4mg CBD per pipette drop. Suitable for medium-high dosage*.

  • Eirah oils are produced from highest quality Indoor Cannabis Sativa L. and extracted through gentle BHO method to ensure no substances are lost - resulting in a full-spectrum cbd oil containing all active ingredients found in the cannabis plant. 

  • Eirah's Alwana Entourage Full-Spectrum Oil is a creation between Swiss and Moroccan artisans. Rich in cannabinoids and terpenoid, this full-spectrum cannabis extract is diluted with Alwana oil - an organic olive oil, pressed from roasted olives according to an olf family recipe in a small village in the Rif Mountains of Northern Morocco. 
  • The oil is named after the Entourage effect which states that full-spectrum cbd oils containing all the cannabinoids rather than isolated CBD molecules, have increased effectiveness due to the different cannabinoids working synergistically.
  • Certified according to Swiss legislation by independent laboratories.

Ritual: The oil is to be taken orally and undiluted. Drip the desired amount of drops under your tongue with the pipette. The best times to take Eirah products are morning before breakfast (stress/anxiety etc.) or in the evening before dinner (insomnia). For chronic pain the oil can be taken morning and evening or several times a day - dosage depending on your level of pain and bodyweight.

*email us at hi@laflorasagrada.ch for more info on dosage

Made in Switzerland / 10ml

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My nervous system needs to be fine tuned. I wanted something to help me relax and stimulate my third eye. I have major pain in the back of my neck. I love this oil. I have been taking it about a week now and am noticing that I am more relaxed. I have less stomach cramping also from stress. Definitely recommend this product and will be buying again.