Anima Mundi

Adaptogenic Honey

SFr. 46

Raw honey is infused with two adaptogens, Schisandra and Siberian Ginseng, known for their nutrient dense nature and their natural ability to help the body adapt to stress, along with a plethora of other healing abilities.

Schisandra is classically known for its liver protective qualities, along with its high antioxidant and vitamin C content. Siberian Ginseng, also known as 'Eleuthero' is similar to the famous Panax ginseng family in that it has essential polysaccharides and compounds known to support the immune system and more. Blended with freshly ground cinnamon, cardamom and rose, this honey has a spiced chai flavor


Use: Enjoy directly or stir it into a warm cup of herbal tea for a soothing treat. Great for kids! We do not recommend this honey for infants under 1 year old.

Please keep away from the sun and heat. If you live in a very humid place, please store in the fridge.

Ingredients: Raw Honey from Upstate New York, Fresh Ginger*, Schisandra, Siberian Ginseng Root*, Cinnamon*, Cardamom*, Rose, Vegetable Glycerin*, Filtered Water

*Certified Organic

8oz ~ 227g

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